Think Visually. Together.

The fastest mind-mapping, brainstorming, and planning tool in the known universe. 

How it works

You Type, We Design

With our unique Storyboard feature, all you have to do to create a complex idea map is type! Our software will automatically lay things out for you.  

Infinite Canvas for Your Ideas.

Use an infinite canvas to map out your project or idea, link anything to anything. There are virtually no limits to what you can model.

Organize Anything

Add files, tasks, notes, and links to any one of your elements, so you can find them in context, and share them with others who can access the map.

What Users Say About Us

"In just a couple of minutes I managed to map out 80% of my project... Amazing amazing amazing!"



When you're trying to connect the dots, you shouldn't have to be distracted by your brainstorming tool. Feel the difference and start thinking on a canvas today.